Silvretta Alps - July 2004

Five members of the Craven MC joined the Burnley MC on their annual holiday coach trip which this year was for two weeks to the Voralberg/Silvretta region of southwest Austria staying in a hotel in Vandans.

Part of the first days group

Monday: On this first very hot day a large group walked from the hotel (648m) up the Wannakopfle (2032m) and a few went on to the Itonskopf (2089m) and then back down to the hotel.

Descending from the Itonskopf

Tuesday: After a delayed start in order to purchase the local 'multipass' card the Craven group took the Schruns cablecar up to Sennigrat (2289m) in the drizzle and walked along the ridge path via the Wormser hut to Kreuzjoch (2389m) and then on to the Zamangspitz (2387m), returning by the same route.

Kreuzjoch in cloud...

Wednesday: The Craven group along with Frank and Brian headed off from the Douglass hut at Lunarsee (1979m) to circumnavigate the Kirchlispitzen Ridge (clockwise) returning over the frontier pass of the Gafalljoch (2239m). Downclimbing a section of via ferrata added a bit of excitement and the cold wind and showers kept us moving!

Looking back at the via ferrata section

Thursday: Deirdre and I took a 'rest day' and checked out the cafe at the top of the Bludenz cablecar.

Outside the Frassen hut with the Hoher Frassen behind

Friday: A large group headed up the Gaschurn cablecar to Nova Stoba (2010m) and walked along the ridge to Burg (2247m), Versettla (2372m) and Madrisella (2466m) which had quite a bit of snow on it.

The Hohnes Rad from the Silvretta Pass

Mark, Deirdre and Andy then continued to the col of Matschuna Joch (2390m) [descent path to the valley] and then up to Heimbuhel (2540m). Low cloud made navigation difficult and Mark and Andy continued on to Helmspitze (2685m) after ascending the nearby Zwischenspitz (2661m) in error! Returning by the Matschuna Joch and valley path.

The Silvretta Motor Rally

Saturday: A rainy start to the day encouraged Deirdre and Andy to have another rest day and at about midday the sun came out on the Silvretta Motor Rally in Vandans!

The Silvretta Motor Rally

Sunday: Trying to avoid the poor weather Andrea, Deirdre and Andy headed off to Bludenz, up the cablecar and visited the Frassen hut (1740m) with its excellent apple strudel! Fortified by this and encouraged by the appearance of the sun we went up the Hoher Frassen (1979m) and returned by a different route just in time to reach the cablecar as the rain returned!

The Hoher Frassen summit

Monday: Uninterested in a tourist trip to Klosters Andy headed up to the Silvretta Pass (2000m) and walked up to the Wiesbadener hut (2443m) by the Ochsental road and back by a nicer hill path. Some snow showers.

The Wiesbadener hut

Tuesday: Andrea, Deirdre and Andy walked up to the Wiesbadener hut (2443m) by the hill path on a cold overcast day to stay overnight in the hut.

The Piz Buin from the Wiesbadener hut

Wednesday: Leaving early from the hut in brilliant sunshine we gained the Radsattel Pass (2652m) and then headed on through quite deep snow on the high level path to the east of the Hohnes Rad mountain. Finding the route in these conditions - hampered by low cloud at times - was a challenge as was the depth of the snow in places. Upon finding the scrambling path up to the summit of the Hohnes Rad covered in snow and ice we decided to give it a miss and just continue back to the Silvretta Pass.

One of the steep snow slopes near the Hohnes Rad

Thursday: The Craven group took the cablecar (above Vandans) up to the Golmer Joch (2124m) and walked along the ridge to Kreuzjoch (2261m), Wilder Mann (2291m) and Geibspitze (2334m), returning to the path from Kruzjoch down the valley to the Latschatzer Hohenweg back to the cablecar.

The Geibspitze from Wilder Mann

Due to the poor weather we were unable to take full advantage of the mountain opportunities and it was somewhat frustrating to not be able to climb any of the 3000m peaks in this area.

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